Deer River Chamber of Commerce meeting

The Deer River Chamber of Commerce met Oct. 2 at Blueberry Bowl. Members present were Rick H., Shirley M., Heidi P., Dave D., Wayne R and Teri G.

September minutes were reviewed and accepted and Shirley M. gave the Treasurer’s report.

The 2013 BBQ/Brew Fest was discussed. Wayne reported the committee meeting had a list of several areas to address in order to move forward. The committee has recently learned of a couple of routes through which sampling of brew might be brought back to the event. Changing sanctioning bodies to the Kansas City Association is also being considered. Among the other items discussed was reaching out to the community with a goal of broadening the committee base for stronger input. Wayne requested the minutes of this meeting include an open invitation to the public. All interested persons were encouraged to attend the Oct. 16 meeting.

Welcome House. Dave D. reported that the purchaser has moved the Welcome House.

With November being officer election month nominations are open. All members are encouraged to become board members. Discussion regarding ways to increase participation and increase flow of input and new ideas resulted in the “Open Door” plan:

A) Starting a Business Profile section to the meeting. ServePro volunteered to give this idea a test run by being the first. Heidi, co-owner, stated her topic will be mold.

B) Changing the website to include a featured business as well as sending a welcoming message to all members to participate in the meetings.

C) Dave D. challenged those present to bring another member to the next meeting.

Chamber President Mike K. forwarded an open invitation to all members and potential members to look at the vacation guide, as the 2014 edition will need to be started. This will be discussed at the Nov. 6 meeting.

Dave made a motion to continue the Chamber’s membership in the Itasca County Resort and Tourism Association by paying the $100 membership fee.

Dave stated he will contact the persons who have organized the annual Santa visit to the Bazaar. The Chamber has been traditional sponsors of this visit and the goodies distributed.

Dave will start the discussion with the Deer River License Office seeking renewal of the past relationship where the office performed duties for the Chamber. Shirley will confirm the past expense amount. General consensus was it was worth the cost factor.

With no new business Rick H. motioned to adjourn at 12:59. Shirley seconded.

Submitted by Teri Gullickson