Ask A Trooper

by Sgt. Curt S. Mowers, Minnesota State Patrol
Police and Fire: Family Employment

Question: Can married or dating couples be on the same police department or fire departments? If so, can they go on the same calls? Can they be on the same squads?

Answer: Yes. In fact, there are some married couples working for the State Patrol as troopers. They can and have ended up on the same calls. I am sure many other police departments around the state have couples sharing their vocation as well; as a matter of fact, I know of a few. There is nothing in the law prohibiting this, but perhaps some departments have policies that dictate those kinds of issues. During my career, I have known of several married couples who are on the same fire department too, and they probably do go on the same calls for the most part, unless they take turns or something, I don’t know.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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