I Have Been Told

A column by Anne M. Dunn
A time to dream
There is a time to be young and a time to be an elder. A time for children and a time for grandchildren. A time for dreaming and a time for defending our dreams. A time when we must decide to live in the freedom of personal honesty. A time when we must decide to live in the courage of who we are with no fear of how our community defines us. We must learn to welcome change even when we cannot embrace it.

The time will come when you must acknowledge your gift of dreams and be prepared to risk rejection because your gift may not be acceptable. You see, there’s always someone who knows how your dream is supposed to look. They usually mean well, but they can smother an undefended dream.

Dreams need nurturing, too. Do you have time to nurture your dreams? Or do you find yourself with too much to do? Do your family, community or friends demand too much of you? Some expectations are valid. There really are some things that simply must be done. But there are other things that merely keep you busy. Too busy. Expectations can stifle a growing dream.

Dreamers need to know that creativity takes time, energy, courage and resolve.

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