The Bible Says …

by C. Marvine Scott

On September 22, 1967, the late V. Raymond Edman, president of Wheaton College, had been ill but got up to give an address in chapel. He died while speaking on the subject “An Invitation to Visit a King.” Earlier, he had written these words:

They took them all away – my toys –
Not one of them was left;
They set me here, shorn, stripped of humblest joys,
Anguished, berefit.
I wondered why. Ah, the years have flown.
Unto my hand
Cling weaker, sadder ones who walk alone –
I understand, I understand.
Swindoll’s Ultimate Book of Illustrations and Quotes
(Thomas Nelson c1998)P580

When you’ve lost it all and cannot see the way back, the 18th Psalm with its intensity has a wonderful message. It starts with someone who had reached bottom. He screams: “The pangs of death surrounded me, and the floods of ungodliness made me afraid.” Psalm 18:4 NKJV. He vividly describes his terror of dying and cries “HELP!” to Almighty God.

God was angry!! The earth quakes and shakes: the mountains tremble. Smoke and fire come from his mouth. This is an awesome description of God’s anger at the enemy tormenting one of His children. When He destroys the enemy, He tenderly picks up his servant. Gently He takes him to a safe place where He teaches him how to fight and how to live for Him.

At the end of the story the servant is very victorious! He is able to stand and win against the enemy and give all the glory to God. It is a beautiful psalm.

You arrive in New York City and walk down the sidewalks looking up at the skyscrapers. They are totally insurmountable! You couldn’t get over them no matter how you tried. If you got mountain climbing equipment, you might be able to climb them but would probably get into trouble. So instead, you take a taxi to the airport. As you fly over New York City, suddenly the buildings look like little toy buildings. Everything is totally different when you see it from a new perspective.

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