The Minnesota Farm Woman

Minnesota Farm Womanby Chris Quaal Vinson
Snow angels

Many folks who live in warmer climates probably wonder just how we Minnesotans survive the winters, especially winters as cold as this one has been. We do know how to kick into survival mode, that’s for sure. We are preppers to the extreme. We split and stack wood. We fill our propane tanks to the brim, which will soon cost as much as purchasing a small country. At the end of every fall, I prep my car for winter. Unless I happen to be wearing them because of an early snowstorm, I pack my warmest boots in the back seat of my car, along with a heavy duty winter jacket, scarf, hat, and extra gloves. There is also a blanket and lots of those little hand warmer thingies, which I buy every year, but thankfully, have never had to use. I keep buying them, just in case the older ones won’t work. Since I rarely clean out my car, there are probably 27 of them in there right now. I also heard somewhere that one should keep energy-producing food such as chocolate or nuts in the glove compartment in case you are ever stranded. The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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