Freezing water lines

by Louise H. McGregor, staff writer

Two days of 40-degree weather on Feb. 18 and 19 gave area residents a break from the nasty winter of 2013-2014, but that brief respite from the realities of Minnesota weather did not last nearly long enough, before more snowfall and dropping temperatures compounded everyone’s winter woes.

Even while some of the area residents and business owners were able to enjoy the two-day respite from winter’s realities, others, such as the City of Deer River Utilities Department crew and those who had their waterlines freeze up, did not.

The persistent, seemingly unending, cold, below-zero weather for an extended number of days since late November drove the frost deeper than normal this winter. The Minnesota Department of Transportation noted that already by Feb. 14 some of their measurements under roads and pavement show that the frost was already down at least six feet or deeper.

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