‘Great Outdoors’ at Marcell Family Center March 8

The Marcell Family Center will be hosting its Annual Cabin Fever Reliever Fundraiser on March 8, from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The theme of the event will be the “Great Outdoors”.

The event will feature Billy Molls, star of the popular hunting show the “Modern Day Mountain Man”! After an overwhelmingly positive response to Billy’s “Alaskan Adventures” exhibition at last year’s Cabin Fever Reliever, the Marcell Family Center is once again pleased to invite the surrounding community to enjoy an all-new presentation titled, “Humble Hunter”, in which Molls will share some of his most interesting, educational, entertaining, and inspiring experiences in the wilds of Alaska. Men, women, and children of all ages are sure to enjoy this unique performance.

Billy Molls, a farm boy from Northwest Wisconsin, now a 16-year veteran Alaska big game hunting guide distinctly remembers the moment that he realized he would live his life as an outdoorsman. “I was eight years old. It was a sunny October Saturday morning. My dad and I loaded an old row bow in the back of our farm truck. In it was a rusty, tangled mound of no. 1 ½ Victor single-long spring traps and a giant bundle of eight-foot long alder poles to use for trap stakes,” recalls Molls, now 36. “After milking the cows, we drove two miles to Lightening Creek. The oars squeaked as my father rowed against the sluggish current. As soon as we lost sight of the road my life changed. My life of outdoor adventure began.”

One of the most recognized hunting guides in The Last Frontier, Billy is also an author, freelance outdoor writer, public speaker, and outdoor video producer.

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