Imagine This…

Stories for Young People, Written by Young People

The following is a story written by a young student at King Elementary. It is this newspaper’s hope that this story will be read and enjoyed by other young people. We also invite ALL children, ages up to 12 years old, to send us their stories for publication. Put your imagination to paper, and let it soar!

Hi I’m Bailey and I go to King Elementary School in Deer River. At King School we have a thing that is called King Pride which is being Respectful Responsible and Safe. When a teacher catches you showing King Pride you get a pride paw. a pride paw is a paw on a piece of paper that gets put in a drawing if you get picked out of the drawing you will be the student of the week. And there are activites after school including pie nights, baseketball, football, boys and girls club, and drum and dance. I love my school and all the teachers that help me with my papers and now you know a little about King School.

-Bailey Williams

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