Bigfork High School graduation May 31

Bigfork High School graduation ceremonies will take place Saturday, May 31, at 2 p.m., at the Jerry Chiabotti School Gymnasium.

Valedictorian Laura Tommila
Laura Tommila

Leading the class this year are Valedictorian Laura Tommila and Salutatorian Reece Kuschel.

Tommila is the daughter of Caleb and Sharon Tommila.

When asked what activities she is in, Tommila said, “I am in band and choir and have been since seventh grade because I absolutely love music.”

When asked about her future plans, she said, “It is interesting to note that even though I am the Valedictorian, I haven’t applied for any scholarships. Actually, I’ve even turned one down. I know this may seem shocking not to go to college after I graduate, especially when you’re top of the class because I know that I wouldn’t have much difficulty getting into college and receiving a degree. But I have other plans in the forefront of my mind that I am looking forward to. This summer, I’m going to be spending my time volunteering with constructing places of worship and teaching others about the Bible. Then, in December, I’m going to Ecuador for missionary work for 1-3 months. Personally, I’d rather be doing these things and spend my time helping others instead of trying to become someone with a lot of money and thinking only of myself. That type of life sounds selfish to me, wouldn’t you agree? So I don’t mind not having a lot of material things. But I’d rather be living a simple life because I will be able to help others and I know that will bring me true happiness.”

My parents have been exceptional examples for me from how they have been living their lives. My mom always makes sure that we are taken care of with meals and my dad has always provided for our family and no doubt always will. They “bend over backwards” for us kids and I try my best to imitate their example in this way. You see, when I was growing up, we didn’t have everything and the “latest thing” and I still don’t. But growing up that way has helped me to appreciate what I do have. Also, even though it may seem like I may not have a lot to offer someone, I can still use my time and energy to help those who may not have as much as I do. I know that living that way will have its own challenges.

But there are a few pointers that I’ve learned from my years spent in school and just experiencing life itself. You should always ( 1) try your best even though the task may seem nearly impossible to achieve, (2) if you don’t know how to accomplish a task, ask for help because that individual just might have the advice and/or skills from years of experience that can help you to achieve it, and (3) contiunue to learn about anything (whether in college or on your own) if it’s stoichiometry to learning another language or being able to identify different types of pine trees.

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