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Reader comments on ‘dissention’ at Bigfork Valley board meetings

Dear Editor,

I have been meaning to write a letter for a long time and after reading the May minutes of the Bigfork Valley Board of Director’s meeting, I decided I had to do it.

What is wrong with people? I have been a patient of the Scenic Rivers Clinic and Bigfork Valley Hospital for 20 years or more. I’ve had nothing but excellent care in both areas.

Some of the “gentlemen” whom I went to school with apparently don’t have enough to do in their retirement so they question everything about the hospital complex. As for a female board member, I feel she has a vendetta against the hospital. She obviously doesn’t do all her homework, questioning things that happened years ago and presently and opposes almost every motion made. What does this tell people who don’t know what a great clinic and hospital we have or the whole complex including assisted living, independent living and nursing home?

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