Life at Becky’s House

by Evelyn Huntsley

Sometimes living at Becky’s House is fun and there are times when it’s not so much fun. Those times are our own making. Just one of us being in a bad mood can ruin everyone’s day. I try to go to my room and stay there if I feel a bad day is in the making. Like today–I should not be writing an article. I’m in a foul mood. You don’t want to hear the details. Oh but you would love to hear why but we all have the right to privacy. Now I have all of you in the mood to hear Evelyn’s secret. Maybe in six months I’ll tell you.

Becky is planning a baby shower for Nicolle. That will be fun.

I had company yesterday. Vi Carlson dropped in with her little dog. She was here for a while. Afraid I didn’t get much news from either one of them. Vi’s husband is spending some time in the nursing home. She had taken their little dog for a visit. He was really a lively one. The dog-not the husband.

I don’t know why I’m cold all the time. No one else is. It looks like a beautiful day.

Lost the phone and had to look for it.

Some male singer is disturbing the peace on the T.V.

This morning it’s a wonder I wasn’t asked to leave. Really early, I woke Becky up asking for coffee. As soon as I saw Becky’s face I knew I had made a big mistake. I then stayed in bed until after 8 a.m., giving Becky time to decide what to do. At our usual time to start the day she brought me a cup of coffee and I got up but I’m still very unorganized. That is a bad feeling.

Looks like a beautiful day and Debra is already sitting outside in her wheelchair. She does this daily if weather permits.

Tomorrow is day stay and I’ll go see how Angie Olson is doing.

Becky showed me merchandise that we use that’s going to be changed – what was my opinion? She will have to decide without my opinion because I have already forgotten what she showed me. Oh! I tell you this old age is a great thing. If something is bothering you, just forget it. You can just blame your old age and no one can blame you.

Now I have forgotten what else I was going to write. Ha. Don’t believe a word of that. My mind is still OK. I just run out of gossip. I’ll be here next week.


Well, another week coming to an end. I’m having a lot of eye troubles but I’ll do the best I can. I think I have mentioned I don’t care for a whiner. Only one person worse and that’s the Old Woman in the Mirror. She should really but put to an end. No one has mentioned I have two different outfits on. Hopefully no one will notice. Different pants and shirt top were laying out so I put them on.

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