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Loon Whisperer Photo WIR COLUMN-grayby Terry Uhde Otto

Knock, knock….

This week, on Facebook, my good friend Laura posted pictures of their new fish house.

Can I just say that I’m awe-struck by the sheer courage and fortitude of a woman who would willingly, joyfully, stay in a fish house on Red Lake with her husband, two grown children and two springer spaniels? The fish were biting, according to her post, which I’m sure helped tremendously in the “fun” department. And the fish house is nothing like the fish houses I remember. It is the Taj Mahal of fish houses. A veritable ice castle.

Ice castle or not, she is my hero this week. Seriously. Not even kidding. If my family of four tried to spend even 24 hours eating, sleeping and fishing in such close quarters, I can guarantee you that the next post on Facebook anyone saw from me would be from prison. This is the main reason we don’t take long car rides together. We love one another, but we are a family who needs to spread out in order to feel the love.

But you go, Laura. You go. You give me hope that we’ll take that long car trip together yet.

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