The Minnesota Farm Woman

Minnesota Farm Womanby Chris Quaal Vinson

Land of 10,000 Flakes

I didn’t exactly wish for it, you know. Our lack of snow, I mean. I didn’t fervently wish like I do to be skinnier/richer/younger/smarter or anything in between those things. If one lives in northern Minnesota, there is supposed to be snow, and lots of it. We know it is coming. We wait for it. Some of us even look forward to it. HE and I have lived here in the frozen tundra about eight years now, and even we expect it. Since I was too lazy to do any research this week, I’ll just tell you that the average snowfall in Minnesota last year was approximately a gazillion inches. Since our vintage snow blower breaks down at least once every winter, enough was enough. We decided to buy an all-terrain vehicle. It was not purchased for fun, but for work, and around here, there’s plenty of that. Hauling things around the farm, snow removal, and (ok, I’ll admit it) a little recreational trail riding. That involved purchasing a trailer to take it places, plus a snow plow to attach to the front. All of these things involve $$$ and more $$$, but I’m not complaining, because HE paid for it. He is the one who does all the snow removal around here, too. All I have to do is sweep a bit of that white stuff from the deck, pour a cup of hot coffee, then write about the adventure of it all and the rest of my very exciting life. Last year, the year before that, and the year before that, the first of the gazillion inches came in November. The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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