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Matt Grose
Matt Grose

by Superintendent Matt Grose

Spring means growth!

After years of declining enrollment and tough decisions in the district, for the fourth year in a row the Deer River School District welcomed a class of over 85 students to Kindergarten! This trend change is exciting but also has created new pressures on King Elementary, which currently has some of the highest class sizes in early elementary that we have seen in a long time. King Elementary and the Deer River district has prided itself in being able to offer low class sizes in order to meet the unique needs of children but we currently do not have the staff necessary to do that. For example, our 2nd grade averages about 26 students per class, which is a lot of students when considering all the academic and behavior needs of children that small.

To address the class size issue, the district will be adding another 2nd grade teacher and another 3rd grade teacher this fall. We are also going to be increasing our staff development budget in order to equip our staff with the skills they need to address the increasing academic, social, emotional, and psychological needs of our children that we are required as a district to meet. Last fall, the district moved forward with some tax increases to pay for these added expenses, and some of you are seeing those increases on your property tax statements now. That additional revenue is going directly to hire more teachers and train them to do the best they can for our kids. I thank you, our board thanks you, our parents thank you, and our children thank you.

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