Lost ring and trust returned

Cassandra Evans lost her wedding ring in October of 2014. Nearly six months later, it was found and returned to her. Now it once gain shines beautifully on her finger. Photo by Rebecca J. Passeri
Cassandra Evans lost her wedding ring in October of 2014. Nearly six months later, it was found and returned to her. Now it once gain shines beautifully on her finger. Photo by Rebecca J. Passeri

by Rebecca J. Passeri

Cassandra Evans, a rural Deer River resident, recently experienced great joy and a restored belief in the goodness and honesty that people are capable of.

Cassandra and her husband, Brent, have been married since December of 2006. They have three children, Jenna, Jordin and Jaret. Cassandra is employed as an Educational Support Professional with the Invest Early Program at the Goodall Resource Center in Deer River.

Her story begins nearly six months ago, on a chilly day in October. The Evans were in the process of building a new garage. The foundation had been laid and they were putting up the stud walls with the help of Cassandra’s dad, brother and brother-in-law. It was Cassandra’s day off from her job and she was helping with the construction. “It was cold out,” she said, “and I noticed that my wedding ring was loose and it was really bugging me. Also, I had just had the prongs redone on Oct. 20. I thought, ‘I really should have taken my ring off before I started working with the wood, so I don’t ruin the ring again and have to have it repaired another time.’”

She took the wedding ring and another ring that her husband had given her on their first Valentine’s Day off, but, rather than taking them into the house for safekeeping, she put them into her zippered jacket pocket. Without realizing it, however, she put them into her cell phone pocket. She continued to help with the building project throughout the afternoon, until it was time to pick her kids up from school.

On the way to King Elementary School, she stopped at the Holiday to pick up an after-school treat for the kids. When she got to the school, she parked in the middle of the pre-school/kindergarten area of the parking lot, got out of her pickup and walked to the door where she waited for the kids. It seemed to her that it was taking longer than usual for school to end, so she reached into her pocket and took out her phone to see what time it was. “I noticed that the Valentine ring was in the pocket. I took it out and put it on, and reached in to get the wedding ring, but it wasn’t there. I checked all my pockets, but it wasn’t there. At that moment I was in a panic.” she said.

Cassandra tried to remember at what point she had taken her gloves out of her pocket and wondered if the ring had fallen off her finger while she had the gloves on. She couldn’t recall if she had taken anything out of her pockets when she was buying the snack for the girls. She retraced her steps back to the truck, looking for the ring. “It had snowed a little bit,” she said. “I could see my footprints clearly. But there was no ring. Someplace between my house and the King School, I lost my ring. I didn’t have any idea where I actually lost it.”

She went into the school and told the office personnel that she had lost the ring, and if anyone found it, please let her know. When she got home, her father and brother made a thorough search of the pickup, in case she had dropped it there. A friend lent her a metal detector. “I searched my entire yard,” she said. “I found all kinds of things, but not my ring.”

A couple of days after the ring was lost, Cassandra and Brent’s third grade daughter, Jenna, read an article on the back of cereal box about a woman who had lost her ring while she was working in the garden. Later, when she harvested her carrots, she found her ring around a carrot that had grown inside of it. Both Jenna and her sister, Jordin, read another story about a woman who had lost her ring in her home and 15 years later her husband found it and surprised her with it.

Cassandra said, “That just made me think that someday I will get mine back. I will just wait for it. I knew in my heart it would show up.” She prayed that her ring would be found and returned to her.

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