Open Forum

Appreciate support for MyrnaLee Mania

We cannot begin to express the extent of our appreciation for your support for MyrnaLee Mania & the ‘Come Roll With Us’ campaign! This was truly a community effort and couldn’t have happened without your involvement. The feat of 351 wheelchairs rolling in succession for 3 minutes was astounding & somewhat very surreal! The overwhelming gratitude we’ve heard throughout the event and beyond has given us real purpose in pursuing ‘Accessibility For All’ as it now becomes Mobility Mania. We are committed to share your comments and concerns with a formed Steering Committee on Wednesday, June 17 in the Grand Rapids Public Library. Please share any additional accessibility concerns you have with us so that we can address them at that time. You are welcome to join our efforts at any time, as well. Thank you again, for your efforts shown for this extraordinary Accessibility Awareness event!

Lee Isaacs and Myrna Peterson
Deer River and Grand Rapids