The Minnesota Farm Woman

Minnesota Farm Womanby Chris Quaal Vinson

So long, farewell

The time had come again for a new crop of young adults to leave for college. Some of you parents are ecstatic, some of you are sad, and most of you are shell-shocked wondering just how the years went by so quickly. You hope you raised them to make good choices. As you pull out your wallets and credit cards paying for the latest “must have” for the college dorm room or apartment there are a few things to remember: 1) Just because your son/daughter is now a young adult, you still don’t know very much. Unsolicited parental advice will still get shrugs, eye rolling, and fast and furious texting to friends. These friends know everything, and every bit of advice needed will be asked of them, not you. It may help you to know that the older they get, the smarter you get. 2) I know right now that you are swallowing a lump in your throat and picturing your cute little cherub on his way to kindergarten class, but please remember not to be too clingy or the little cherub will be 37, living in your basement and playing video games while you are still washing his dirty socks. Speaking of dirty laundry, I hope you know that he will come for the first visit home carrying a big bag of it and asking you with puppy dog eyes if you will wash it for him because he is “so tired from all that studying”. Like he did. Like you’re not. The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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