Looking Back

Compiled by Joan Isaacs from the files of the Deer River Newspapers.

110 Years Ago—A teacher’s training school of one month will begin July 5. It is the first summer school Itasca has ever had and every teacher or person of pedagogue proclivities should attend. There were four weddings in one week in Deer River: Julia Gunderson and George Sterling, who is a barber and has lived here 11 years; Irene Jensen to Wm Poupore; Beatrice Sullivan to Earl Manley Vannest, Marian Schabel to Jacob Reigelsperger.

100 Years Ago—People at Inger announce they will have a grand Fourth of July celebration. The road to Inger is fair for automobile travel. William Jennings Bryant resigns as Secretary of State because he disagrees with President Wilson over the government policy toward Germany. He believes that the reply to Germany might draw the United State into war. Married: Grace E. Johnston to Harold J. Peck.

90 Years Ago—A moose is chased through the village when Dora Seaman and Mrs. Dexter come upon it on their way home. The moose ran down the road ahead of them. Chas. Sparr has practically completed his new hall at Four Corners between Jesse Lake and Marcell. Editorial: This village is badly in need of a good roads day. Many of our streets are too bad for mention and the village treasury warrants little or no public expenditure to remedy the situation.

80 Years Ago—The Mission Covenant congregation is building a church. They have been meeting at the village hall. Members of the Deer River High School livestock judging team win state championship. They are Bruno Schaar, Arvid Johnson, Eldo Seedorf and Mike Tolmie. Married: Lois Tomlin and Harland Noble; Helen Robb to David Robinson; Edna Johnson to Olaf T. Falk.

70 Years Ago—Pvt. Robert Benham, German prisoner of war for eight months, is now home in Talmoon. It is very probable that Deer River will remain on war time after July 8 when the state law changing back to standard time in Minnesota goes into effect. A small group talked about the organization of a Lions Club in Deer River. Deaths: P.J. Daley, who came to Deer River in 1907 and was a conductor on the Minneapolis & Rainy River railway before entering business in Deer River in 1924.

60 Years Ago—Stanley Gibbs of Inger has built an elegant new store. The mammoth old building that formerly housed the store, the Gibbs household on the ground floor and 12 bedrooms upstairs which were formerly rented to deer hunters and fishermen, will be dismantled. They will build a new modern house on that site. Plans are being made to build a new bridge at Inger. Deaths: Edward Loughrea, Itasca County Veterans service officer for the last 10 years.

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