Looking Back

Compiled by Joan Isaacs from the files of the Deer River Newspapers.

110 Years Ago—A pact has been formed by all the barbers in town to close shop on Sundays and at 8 o’clock on weekdays except Saturdays. The Big Fork Land Company is a new corporation of local men formed to deal in lands along the Big Fork River and town lots in Bigfork. S.D. Patrick, C.W. LaCroix, C.A. Birke and W.R. Wallace are the incorporators. Charley Sterling is the busiest farmer in his township as he is clerk of School District #5 and has received letters in answer to an ad for a teacher. He will also soon be married to Mrs. Nettie Burt.

100 Years Ago—J.F. Sundloff, Marcell, will soon move to Minneapolis where he has purchased a general store and refreshment stand. Court denies injunction asked by Red Lake Indians to prevent timber cutting on the reservation. E.A. Englee will cut 3,800,000 feet of white pine and 8,200,000 feet of Norway pine with payment being $73,000. The outskirts of London are raided by German Zeppelins which drop bombs on eastern counties. Ten civilians are killed. It is the third of a series of aerial attacks.

90 Years Ago—Chas. Seedorf has rented the Wilbert MacDonald farm and will run it with the M.J. Baker farm. Mr. Seedorf and his two sons have been here a little over two years. A Chippewa ceremony adopting Congressman Harold Knutson into the Chippewa tribe at the old townsite north of Ballclub drew an enormous crowd. Ed Wilson was master of ceremonies. Among issues discussed by council were restoration to the tribe of lands in the National Forest, restriction of the payroll, providing dynamite for clearing, seed and provisions until a crop matures, and appropriations for roads.

80 Years Ago—Harold Alzen is appointed to drive the bus route to Ball Club and to assist as third janitor. Schools to open. New rural teachers are Mabel Herrgard, Roberta Womack and Fred Muench. Will Rogers, famous actor and humorist, and Wiley Post, crash to their deaths in a plane flying from Fairbanks to Point Barrow, Alaska. Editorial: Ask what is most needed to give the nation the confidence, spirit and optimism that will break depression? Tax reduction plus a determined policy that will balance the budget as soon as possible and gradually reduce and eventually eliminate the vast national debt.

70 Years Ago—Ashworth-Hawkinson is successful bidder for contract to blacktop certain streets in Deer River. Tom Abbot is new owner of the Arrowhead Cafe which he recently bought from Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schumacher and Francis Schumacher. A.L. LaFreniere, publisher of the Deer River News, sold the Itasca County Independent to L.A. Rossman, publisher of the Grand Rapids Herald Review.

60 Years Ago—In the Service: Maurice Perrault and Ronald DeShaw, Effie; Lyle David, Bigfork; Irvin Gullickson, Deer River. Movie being shown at the Lyceum in Deer River: “The Long Gray Line” with Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara. The Balsam baseball team caps Chippewa League championship. Other teams in the league are Spring Lake, Trout Lake, Inger, Drumbeater and Marcell.

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