Out-of-School Programmer says ‘vote yes’

Dear Editor,

Many people may be well aware that I am a supporter of our school and community. You may know me from my role in Boys and Girls Club, as a fire fighter, a parent volunteer, STEP Coalition Chair or just another friendly face. In my roles in the community I am able to come into contact with many other caring people and get to witness great acts of kindness on a regular basis. I see the 24 other fire fighters show up for fire calls and trainings and their significant others making sacrifices to ensure we are able to respond. I see countless mentors volunteer their time to teach kids in the Boys and Girls club how to garden, prepare food and how to read. I see numerous volunteers hand out food at the Community Cafe and collect food for the local food shelf. I see chaperones come together, including the local Police Department and our Police Reserve Members, to ensure teens have a safe place to be teens in healthy ways through my role in the STEP Coalition. I have attended and worked at countless pancake and spaghetti feeds that support local community members, special groups or non-profit organizations. Everywhere I turn in the Deer River School District area I see people that are caring and have a very positive outlook on life. We help our neighbors, donate our time and money to those who need it, pull over when someone is broke down on the side of the road and we literally are the “small town, wave at everyone” kind of people. I am proud to tell people I am from Deer River!

As I have been working on getting the word out about the awesome chance to make our Community stronger and more equipped to serve and meet the needs of everyone from Early Childhood to our Eldest members, I have found so many others who understand the important role our school plays in our community. We have an opportunity to ensure we can get all our Early Childhood kids under one roof, create smaller class sizes for Kindergarten through 5th grade, a consistent space for Indian Education, make a more efficient building with heating and cooling, create a safer school setting, build relationships with Senior Citizens and youth through a Senior Center, create space for more after school activities like sports and Drum and Dance and a more efficient space for Boys and Girls Club. (Plus much more which you can find out about on the Deer River Vote Yes Facebook page or school district website.) and we can do it with very little tax impact. The bang for our buck is incredible! (200% more project/building for only 28% more cost) Our school is a leader in creative and innovative ideas and programs that have been a model for many in our State and Nation! We have piloted many programs and have been fortunate enough to get numerous grants that have helped us serve our Community better. We step up, stand up and show up when we are called!

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