Benefit concert for Syrian refugees

The world is facing its most dire refugee crisis since World War II. Nearly 4 million people have fled the civil war of Syria, while another 7 million are displaced within Syrian borders. Half of these refugees are children. Recent news images of these children have been heart-wrenching. Imagine your own children or grandchildren in those same photos. What wouldn’t you do to help?

Local Seventh-day Adventist pastor Doug Hardt visited Iraq last year and witnessed first-hand the struggles faced by these refugees. Moved by what he saw on that visit, Hardt has since shared the story of the refugees with dozens of groups around the United States.

When parishioner Mary Jo Wimmer mentioned to Hardt that she was convicted that something be done to help the refugees, Hardt realized there was an opportunity to bring greater awareness of this humanitarian crisis to his new neighbors in northern Minnesota.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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