The Return

by Bethany Pederson

Three years ago I wrote a series of articles pertaining to an amazing adventure I had taken in Poland. Looking back at those articles I realize how much has changed since that time. The biggest change to date has been my move from little Deer River, MN, to the growing city of Detroit, MI. Since that big move, I have moved three times within the Detroit area, participated in the beginnings of a church plant, been part of the brainstorming and implementation process of different start-ups; served in many different outreaches and community events within Detroit, and been blessed to serve in an outreach to New Orleans, LA on two different occasions. Through all this one thing never changed, my desire to return to Poland. Most of the past three years, though, held little opportunity for me to go. I began to think that my return was just a misplaced dream, instead of part of the plan God had for me. That is, until my last trip to New Orleans.

A couple months before the Mardi Gras outreach, I begun to feel a great desire to travel again, and most often my thoughts turned toward Poland, but when the opportunity to join the outreach in New Orleans came once again, I decided I must go. I thought this would cure my travel itch. In many ways it did, but it also deepened my desire to return to Poland. The weeks following my return to Detroit from Nola were filled with a volley of “I cans” and “I can’ts” in regards to my return to Poland. I decided to reach out to those I had served with before to see what their thoughts were. The excitement and the urging to return type of comments encouraged my resolve to go, but I didn’t know how that would affect my life in Detroit, especially since this next trip would take me away for two months. But just like how God works, things began to shift and fall into place. My place of residence was going up for sale and I would have to find a new place to live… but not until what would be my return date from Poland. Perfect timing. My job was willing to let me go for a two month leave even though I had only been working there for a eight months. Through a time of prayer it was confirmed through my pastors that my role within the church and even within Detroit would be changing, that I would once again be on the move. In fact, at one point it was suggested that I might not even be living in Detroit once the New Year came. Everything began to line up in a way that gave me courage to pursue this return to Poland. Everything, except money that is. It is amazing how, in almost every adventure that God has sent me on, I have had to fully rely on Him for the finances. If you read my previous articles, you may remember that my previous trip to Poland I didn’t have all the money I would need until that last 24 hours before my departure. When I moved to Detroit I had almost no money three weeks before my set date to move, but within that time God provided me enough money to not only make the move, but to live off of until I was able to secure a job. This adventure was no different.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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