I Have Been Told

A column by Anne M. Dunn


When I was a child my mother told an old story of two brothers who spoke of leaving their village and family. They wanted to meet other peoples and see the wonderful things Creator had done for other nations.

She told me these boys were often called “worthless fools” because their vision went so far beyond their own nation and their dreams included far away lands. Even their mother worried about what would become of her sons.

One day, they decided it was time to take their journey to the east. They traveled for several years and visited many peoples. When they returned with wonderful stories of their adventures, the people listened carefully and asked to hear the stories again and again.

They were no longer referred to as worthless fools but respected as honorable men of courage and adventure.

Then, of course, it was time to travel to the west… the north… the south.

Eventually they traveled all over Turtle Island. They must have gone to Mexico, too. For she said they told humorous stories about monkeys. At last they returned home to live on their memories and retell their exciting stories to every eager listener.

So it was that she planted the seed of travel in me.

Then in May of 2000 Annie and I traveled to Mpls to celebrate the release of her newly released CD, “The Heron Smiled”. Playwright/activist and my cousin Chuck “Butch” Robertson was the MC.

Bill Miller was there, too. He said, “I’m here to support Annie Humphrey’s powerful music. I’m also here to tell fathers to hold their babies like gold. Hold their women. Pray for our young abused women and our young men.”

Miller said many of our people have been drawn to alcohol and abuse. They keep getting lost.

He said it’s time to look to Creator for balance and pray for one another. “We must recognize that all our lands are sacred and provide everything we need. Hard times can make you sharp. Be an arrow!”The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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