I Have Been Told

A column by Anne M. Dunn

Arizona adventure

On the night before we began our Arizona Adventure I saw an incredible falling star! It was neon blue with a long red sparkling tail! I took it as a sign that our trip would be exceptional.

Monday, November 15, 1999, we drove to Mpls where Annie left her truck. Then we flew to Phoenix, AZ, where Mary June B. met us at Sky Harbor Air Terminal and drove us to the Flagstaff area. We spent several days in her lovely home on a volcanic mountain overlooking the Painted Desert.

On Tuesday as we drove toward Bird Spring, we were greatly blessed and highly honored when a great blue heron flew right over us!

Annie and I were there to present at the Dine’ Family Learning and Wellness Center’s third annual wellness conference. The center is located at Little Singer Community School near Leupp. The keynote speaker was Tom Chee of Waterflow, NM. He told us that one of his heroes was an elderly uncle who had been bedridden for 18 years. From him Tom learned three important lessons: life is not easy; life owes you nothing; and life demands discipline.

He learned many things from his grandfather, too. He once told Tom to learn to keep his tools sharp. “Then when you are no longer handsome, you’ll still e useful and your woman will not let you go.”

He advised young people to forget about living an easy life. “Get off your buns and go after what you want,” he told them.

According to Tom, it helps to be smart but it takes discipline to get a degree.

“Then when you get that degree, contribute to your community,” he said.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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