I Have Been Told

A column by Anne M. Dunn

The humble copper

Many people are interested in money. So, let me tell you what I have learned about that important topic. While I am not a financial expert, I do know something about coins, especially pennies.

Yes… I learned a lot about the common copper penny from my Gramma Vanoss who used to tell me, “As long as you have one penny… you’re not broke.”

You’d still be very poor, but not down and out BROKE.

A penny used to get me a big tootsie roll, two double bubbles or a hard candy sucker. My Gramma said, “It used to buy a postage stamp!”

A penny doesn’t go far anymore. In fact, it’s nearly worthless. Most people seem to despise it. If one is seen on the ground, not many would stoop to pick it up.

But I like lost pennies. You see, a wise old woman once whispered in my ear, “Find a penny, pick it up, all the day, it brings good luck.”

The shrinking penny was once the price required to unlock certain secrets. Who has not been offered, “A penny for your thoughts.”The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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