Life at Becky’s House

by Evelyn Huntsley

I’m just going to write a short Christmas note. I just can’t believe Christmas is less than a week. I have gotten so many Christmas greetings, I can’t begin to answer them, so please accept my Christmas wish and my best to you for 2016. It went so fast. So many bad things happened. I’m not the only one who lost close friends. I’m so lonely but I try not to think about it. Two of my best friends passed away. I feel like an orphan. I keep wondering why I’m kept here. I’m good for nothing. But then I’ll get a very lovely message from a new friend I made and I feel better. I do hope they can read it. Both have been so great to me. I’d quit but I have made so many friends. So many have asked me not to quit. It’s something for me to do. I was surprised – even the men read it. So I don’t read it alone.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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