Looking Back

Compiled by Joan Isaacs from the files of the Deer River Newspapers.

110 Years Ago—A range phone company is expected to have a line and local in Deer River before spring. Trouble over possession of logging road in the Deer Lake settlement has resulted in bloodshed and nearly murder. Two are arrested and settlers have blocked the road with trees on their own land. Deaths: Aaron Seaman, who had lived in Deer River for five years and leaves two sons, Henry and Frank.

100 Years Ago—Dr. D.F. Dumas will establish an office in Deer River. Jonas Lindahl of North Oteneagen town, returns to school for blind in Faribault after a two week vacation. Lindahl’s homestead claim was contested owing to his absence caused by his blindness, which he received by being shot in mistake for a moose. The Secretary of the Interior gave ruling in favor of Lindahl, who made proof of his claim last fall. Deaths: Jesse Lake settler, Ole Lindstrom, is lost for several days and is found not far from home. He perished in the cold and his remains are shipped to Denver, Colorado for burial.

90 Years Ago—H.H. Brown and A. Christie will log 100,000 feet of pine on government land about two miles west of the Cut Foot bridge. Deer River High School basketball team defeated Park Rapids 24-11. They will meet a strong Duluth Cathedral team next. Team members are Reigel, D. St. Peter, Haines, Robinson, Johnson, Forsman and Harmon. Editorial by H.E. Wolfe: The tax exemption is clearly defeating its aim by permitting individuals to invest in tax-exempt securities, thus escaping all federal taxes and forcing the increased burden on those least able to pay. Unearned income, which should bear the major portion of taxation, is escaping and earned income is forced to shoulder an increasing burden thereby. This is unfair, discriminatory and un-American.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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