Life at Becky’s House

by Evelyn Huntsley

Monday: We are all up but Rosie. She may be in her room. She likes her television. I’m not a fan of T.V. I cut my nails this weekend. I got 3 letters last week that I enjoyed so much. One from a Richard Schedin who spent a weekend camping with our son 56 years ago across Bowstring Lake, we had a fishing resort. They weren’t old. They were good kids. Glenn has been gone several years so I write to keep busy. That same day I had a note from a Jennifer L. McFadden and a note which I enjoyed much. I’m 95 and get very tired.

Becky just told me I had to see a doctor if I want my meds renewed. So I’ll do it this week and get it over.

I have a dentist appointment.

Becky was just here to see what I wanted for lunch so guess I better go. This is my second sheet. I sat and waited for a bus and nothing happened, so I’ll have to go through that again.

It’s supper time but that is not happening again. There must be some reason the bus has not come. It is a short time on the bus. I’d better get this in the mail.

Poor Rose, our new resident, can’t hear enough for us to carry on a conversation with her, I’d really like to. She has a brace on her neck and will have for a time yet.

I need my hair trimmed but dread the trip to Michael’s to get it done. I suppose I will need a perm.The older you get the more work you need, you just don’t do it on your own.

Debra is here so the bus must not have come to pick her up. Someone said the roads were already bad with ice and driving is difficult. I should drive, but I can’t see to drive. This is really bad to come on a person but then there could come worse.

It looks dark outside, No one has come to do my room, so I have no one to ask. Yesterday, the bus hadn’t been.

We had company for supper last night. Delicious food. Pie for dessert that Tom had picked up. The ham was delicious too, and squash with butter. Bet you’re getting hungry!

Evelyn Huntsley

Becky’s House is an adult foster care service provided by Becky Newman Trudell. If you wish to send Evelyn a note, mail to: Evelyn Huntsley, 33721 Co. Rd. 143, Deer River 56636. Any correspondence would be welcome.