Life at Becky’s House

by Evelyn Huntsley

I’ll try to write a bit. My eyesight gets worse and worse. I keep wondering why this is happening to me. But I guess we need to accept the bad with the good. I forgot to give Winnie the cookie jar yesterday and it sat right in sight so she could fill it for us again. She makes such good things. Best sugar cookies I ever ate.

Dear Lorraine, your note was sure a blessing and I have one of those sweaters on, white one with gold buttons. It’s hard for me to write any more. I’m very warm. I will share the Valentine candy at my table. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Also I appreciate the beautiful card Lavonne MacAdams sent me.

I lost a pill at the breakfast table this morning. We all hunted for it, but did not find it. But found it out the door later. It is 12:53, not bad.

A poor little kitten was found almost frozen to death. Don’t know what was done with it.

We have just finished breakfast so Becky is doing our rooms. She found a lot of candy that the Prathers had given me and I’ll have a little Valentine party for the three that are here. Not many of us here any more.

Becky keeps wanting to go shopping but I’m not in the mood.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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