The Minnesota Farm Woman

by Chris Quaal Vinson


Minnesota Farm Woman LOGOToday I decided to have breakfast in bed. It is not that I am particularly lazy or consider myself the Queen Bee or anything, (admittedly, I am a little bit of both), but the morning view from my bedroom of a bright pink flowering crabapple tree against a backdrop of blue sky and green grass is what drew me back in. That, and fact that the mornings are just a little bit too chilly to be dining outside. “Dining” is not exactly the term that I would use for my simple country breakfast of coffee and juusto. Juusto, also known as juustoleipa is a warm Finnish cheese, but when I was growing up in my strongly Scandinavian household, we called it “squeaky cheese”, for the way it squeaked against our teeth when we chewed. Made from cow, goat, sheep or even reindeer milk if you happen to own a reindeer, juusto is a fairly easy cheese to make, so they say. It keeps well, and Finnish Farm Women in the old days would even dry it to store in their larders to eat when fresh milk wasn’t available for cheesemaking.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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