Grand Rapids Speedway Thursday Night Race

by Shannon Reigel

July 21st

It was a hot and sunny day at the Grand Rapids Speedway with four racers collecting very competitive feature wins.

Midwest Modified Feature- Justin Feltus and Jeremy Theisen led the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds on the track first. On the green Feltus took the lead until Tyler Kintner who started in fourth moved his way up and passed him. Skeeter Estey on the start moves immediately to third. The caution flag then came out on Theisen with a five car mix up in the corner of the track. With one lap complete Feltus and Kintner battle for first. Then the caution was thrown not even completing a full lap. Estey battled for first with Kintner. Another caution gets thrown but this time on Feltus. Nick DaRonco followed Kintner closely then he spins out which causes another caution. Kintner leads Estey and Brad Hanson followed him intensely. Estey challenged Kintner for first and took it. Brian Bourquin had a good run and went from last up to fourth and he still challenges the other racers ahead of him. After another caution and four laps complete Estey still leads and Bourquin makes a pass on Kintner and he also races Hanson for second waiting for the right time to get around. Skyler Smith races Eric Anderson for fifth but Anderson couldn’t keep it. Bourquin races Hanson for second at the right time and steals second behind Estey after finally not having anymore cautions Estey took yet another feature win.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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