Man of courage, man of action

Dear Editor,

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and do what’s right. Rick Nolan has the courage we need to stand up for seniors and veterans, and do what’s right for them in Congress.

When Congress was about to pass a Veterans funding bill that was woefully inadequate, Rick Nolan stood up and said “No!” He fought for Veterans, to get adequate funding for programs they need like improving the VA and battling suicides in the military. There are between 20 and 30 a day!

I am so proud of Rick Nolan’s work to do what’s right, instead of what’s easy.

What doesn’t take a lot of courage? Stewart Mills sitting at home hiding, instead of debating Congressman Nolan on MPR, Almanac, and other places. Meanwhile, Mills’ inherited millions pay for negative TV and other media attack ads that are false, that he doesn’t have the guts to come out and defend.

I will be voting for Rick Nolan, he is a man of courage and a man of action.

Karen Burthwick
Bovey, Minn.