Sandy Layman: A strong voice for small business

As a small business owner in Grand Rapids, it was no surprise to me that Sandy Layman, candidate for state representative, nabbed Minnesota’s National Federation of Independent Business endorsement. The state’s largest, grass-roots small business group gave her a 100% score!

I know Sandy Layman’s commitment to small business personally from her time as Grand Rapids Chamber executive and as president of Itasca Development Corporation. I saw how hard Sandy worked to support local companies like my own.

Other local business owners agree. That’s why her campaign support comes from more than 70% local individual contributions. Those of us in business know she understands our needs and will work hard to address them in the legislature.

If you want to see local business, and the families and communities who rely on them, have a stronger voice in our state, join with me and vote for Sandy Layman for State Representative.

Mona Karkela
Grand Rapids