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Reader educated about Electoral College

Dear Editor,

For years I have been aware of the Electoral College, but I guess I didn’t understand it. You would think, being 87 years old, I would have this knowledge.This election I received an education. Our forefathers were a lot smarter than I was aware of. These old guys in 1776 could see the danger of having a few very populated states, in this country controlling the popular vote in the USA. For example, New York and California have more than 35,000,000 votes, where the states of Georgia, New Mexico, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Iowa have much less than that amount, so the popular vote gets lost in the big populist states. So along comes the Electoral College. This really balances the playing field. Is it the right of a few populist states to elect a President, or is it the right of the most people living across the United States? Clinton carried the popular vote in the state of Minnesota, but she only carried the three most populated counties. Trump carried the other 85 counties, which is most important?

The old guy got an education this year.

Gene Madsen