Gifts from the Chippewa

Kelly A. Barrett, Wildlife Biologist, Chippewa National Forest

No pictures required

It’s been that time of year again, when the icy places on the Chippewa National Forest are opening up. That time of year when you might find any manner of semi-aquatic creatures up close and personal in ways that you normally just do not get to see them. I got lucky a few weeks ago on my way to Effie for breakfast. There along the side of a major highway, well, as major as they get on the way to Effie, was a little spot of open water in an otherwise frozen lake. In that spot played three otters. It was my good fortune to sit by the side of the road in my portable wildlife viewing blind (otherwise known as a car) and watch the otters play. They knew I was there, but after a while that fact really did not bother them all that much. I even shot some blurry video of them with my phone camera.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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