Gifts from the Chippewa

Kelly A. Barrett, Wildlife Biologist, Chippewa National Forest

Moonlight Gull Party

A few weeks ago whilst sleeping on my mother’s couch by the lake, I was awakened by the strong glow of the moon. It was so strong that the mobile of fish over head was casting a shadow on her big painting hanging just above me. In an interesting effect, there was now a walleye in the middle of Mom’s painting of an autumn woods, just as plain as day. As I lay there contemplating that fish and where it had come from, I became aware of something else that was going on. Following a muffled noise, I stepped outside onto the deck in order to have a better listen. Somewhere out in the middle of the lake there was what must have been dozens of gulls kicking up a ruckus. I don’t know exactly their source of excitement, whether it was a particularly good feeding opportunity or a big group of them had settled down to rest from migration, or just what was causing them to call and call. Whatever it was, for some reason those gulls were having a party out there underneath the moonlight.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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