Deer River’s Dollar General preperation

Building preparation work began in Deer River on May 24 at the site for the Dollar General’s 70 X 130 foot store on the west end of the city. Jim Geschke, second from the left, of the FJ Piette-Construction Managers Company out of Appleton, Wis. is the project supervisor. The construction crew on the job is the Anderson Brothers Construction Company out of Brainerd. Some of the members of that crew are, from the left, Josh Umland, Geschke, Job Foreman Richie McAllister and Justin McGowan. “The exact completion date depends a lot on the results of the soil sampling,” said Geschke, “so I can’t really set a defined projection date. But, if all goes well, I would estimate that the building will be completed by around mid September.” Photo by Louise H. McGregor