Grand Rapids Speedway Enduro

by Shannon Reigel

June 9th- Grand Rapids Speedway held their first enduro of the season, with a whopping forty nine cars for a car count. The racers had to be the first one to 100 laps to win, the first and second segment were 25 laps, and the last segment was 50 laps or what the lead driver had left. The winner of segment one was Justin Linshory #44x, Winner of segment two and the overall winner and first to 100 laps was Shane Feltus #13F. The top 10 winners include Shane Feltus #13F, Mark Rampier #7, Troy Frand #7, Leroy Trandy #4, Ben Steel #28, Justin Linshory # 44x, Chad Finkbone #40, Cole Sondergaurd #25C, Tristen Hemphill #79T and Justin Ballweber #J69J. Grand Rapids Speedway would like to thank everyone for coming and supporting the track.