Warriors compete at State track meet

by Matt Carlstrom

On a sunny, warm late afternoon last Friday, June 9th at Hamline University; Sophomore Hope Schjenken and Freshman Taran Howard represented the Deer River/Northland WarEagles track team at the Minnesota State Track meet.

Hope qualifying for her second state meet and daughter of Lance and Heather, competed in the 400m and 200m and while she competed hard, didn’t make the finals of either event. Hope is looking forward to her junior year and making another trip back to the state meet as she gets stronger and faster for both events.

Taran, grandson of Tom and Sharon, competed in the 800m. The only competitor to qualify who was not a junior or senior, Taran got off to a great first lap, but the heat took it’s toll during the second lap as Taran faded a bit, finishing 15th out of 16. “It was a great experience” said Taran, “I’m definitely looking forward to coming back and now I know that I’ve got to continue to work harder!”

The future looks bright for the DR/N WarEagles, with many student athletes coming back next season who’ll be at or near the top of their events in Section 7A. Student athletes like next years Seniors Garrett Schjenken and Jamaal Howard, Juniors Derrick Wester, Noelle Grose, Connor Daudt and Anna Troyna, Freshman Taylor Peck, Nevah Evans, Antavia Bowstring, Grace Evans and of course Hope and Taran.

Sophomore Warrior Hope Schjenken competed in the 400m and the 200m at the state competition. This was her second trip to the state track meet. Photo by Matt Carlstrom
Warrior runner Taran Howard competed at the state competition in the 800m on a warm and muggy day. He came in 15th. Photo by Matt Carlstrom
Hope Schjenken andTaran Howard in nearly perfect synchronization as they warm up on the track at Hamline University. Photo by Matt Carlstrom