Gifts from the Chippewa

Kelly A. Barrett, Wildlife Biologist, Chippewa National Forest

Eyes in the woods

It was a different world out there, looking for a little known and perhaps not well understood life form. It occurred to me as I gracelessly stumbled from hummock to hummock that I would never be able to keep up with this crew of mostly younger and much more able-bodied folk. My feet hurt, and I sit around too much; some of these people are in wicked good shape! These young biological technicians make their living searching for the rare and not always easy to find. Members of the MIST (monitoring, inventory and survey team) crew, they work on the Chippewa National Forest, and they are our eyes in the woods. Today they were joined by nearly every biologist from the Chippewa, with the expedition leader being master lichen-finder Bobby Henderson. Not everybody has the keen eye, nor the interest, in discerning the fine details of plant characteristics required to identify these sometimes quite diminutive species. But Bobby does, and he is joined by a small contingent of disciples. Mac, Alyssa and Mary fan out and comb the woods, eager to make a “find” today.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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