Estey, Oman, Schultz, Kintner and Carlson take wins at Grand Rapids Speedway

by Shannon Reigel

Five drivers took wins on Thursday at Grand Rapids Speedway after finally getting to race since the last race night was canceled because of rain, it was also a very warm and competitive race night.

The Wissota Midwest Modifieds were the start of the features for the night with Jessy Krause and Dean Eggebraaten leading the field of 13 cars on the track, when the green flag dropped Eggebraaten took the lead with Justin Feltus trying to take the lead from Eggebraaten until a caution was dropped with not even one lap complete which caused the cars to restart, on the restart Darrin Lawler made a pass on Scott Engholm and Feltus after a few cautions Skeeter Estey made a big run to the top from starting in eighth to move into second, Skyler Smith then in fourth with Eggebraaten in fifth, Estey makes a pass to lock in the lead, Feltus a p ass on Charlie Castle and Eggebraaten to move into the top 3 keeping close to Lawler in second. Estey took the win with Smith, Lawler, Feltus, Eggebraaten and castle in the top five.

The Wissota Super Stocks were up next with Kyle Oman and Tim Carlson out front on the start Oman took the lead immediately while Andy LaBarge and Don Smith Battle out for third. LaBarge went for a pass and moved into second dropping Carlson to third, Derek Vesel then followed Carlson until he made a high pass into third. Tristan LaBarge moved up from starting in eighth into fourth making a pass on Vesel. Oman kept in first when he started until he finished making a good race for him.

The Wissota Modifieds were on the track third with Adam Johnson and Paul Schultz in the top positions. On the start Schultz took the lead with Andy Davey in second following closely Johnny Broking in fourth, until a caution slowed the race, Schultz still in the lead, Jeff Tardy was pacing in fourth not letting Kevin Adams make a pass. With Davey making a tough race he fell back after a caution, Tardy then in second Johnny Broking and Bob Broking race side by side for third, Bob Broking makes a pass on Tardy for third while Johnny Broking tried to make a inside pass on Tyler Kintner, Jeff Hart made a pass on Kintner to then move into fifth, Johnny Broking followed Tardy in third close until Paul Schultz took the checkered flags at the flag stand.

The Wissota Late Models were then on the track both Zach Wohlers and Tim Lillo out front. Wohlers took the lead on green Jay Kintner moved into second, Chris Olson raced into third Jeffrey Massingill in fourth while Jeff Provinzino raced from ninth into fifth, after following Wohlers for a couple laps Kintner made a move to make a low pass on Wohlers and took the lead, with very clean racing and no cautions Kintner took the win for the Wissota Late Models with a very exciting win for him because it was his first win of the 2017 season at Grand Rapids Speedway.

The Wissota Pure Stocks were last on the track for the night with Gary Reigel and Kade Leeper lading on the track. On green, Reigel took the lead over Leeper, Dusty Caspers made a pass on Michael MacAdams to then move into third. Leeper made a pass on Reigel to take the lead until a caution slowed the field of 12 cars on the track. Austin Carlson moved up from sixth then he made a pass on Caspers for second then on Leeper for the lead. Joshua Berg raced his way from starting in eleventh into fifth until Michael Blevins made a pass then Berg fell to sixth. Carlson still in the lead Caspers and Jason Havel in third but Blevins made two more passes to then try to catch Carlson. Cole Provinzino holding up in third not letting Leeper by him for fourth. Carlson took the last win for the night for the Pure Stocks with Blevins, Caspers, Provinzino and Leeper trailing in top five.

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