Gifts from the Chippewa

Kelly A. Barrett, Wildlife Biologist, Chippewa National Forest

Summer of the Wren

They say there are silver linings in every cloud. Some days I am not so sure about that, but life goes better if you look for your blessings so I try to live that way. My mother’s cancer can make for a bumpy road, but even on such a road you can find some good parts. One such part for me is the chance to spend more time with my folks. I especially am appreciating the chance to tend my mother’s garden, in the hope that it will provide her a place of some respite. It’s good to be surrounded by the things you love.

Mom’s garden is totally charming. It sits lakeside, tucked between the water, my father’s tiny prairie, and a basswood-hackberry forest. Unlike many lake places these days, my folks’ place is not cleared of its woods. The snags and undergrowth have been allowed to persist. As a result of the interface of different habitat types and the forest structure that exists, my folks are blessed with a wide variety of wildlife, including quite a few species of birds. Among my favorites is the house wren, on account of its song, and the fact that this little bird is willing to carry out its life in such close proximity to ours.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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