Hwy. 2 construction in Deer River

by Louise H. McGregor, staff writer

For many in Deer River and the surrounding area it has already been a long summer of road construction with the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) Highway 2 project in Deer River from Main Avenue and 1st Street NE to 5th Street SE.

On May 30 the stop lights were removed on 2nd Street and work began at the intersections of Main Avenue and 2nd Street for Minnesota Energy so that their gas lines could be offset away from the city’s sewer system.

Then, on June 2 work on the detour route began. The construction on Main Avenue began on June 5. Everything seemed to be moving at a good pace, but then it seemed like there was a lot of re-digging going on at the west end of where the project began on 2nd Street.

“That was necessary,” said MnDOT’s NW District 2 Public Communications Manager TJ Melcher, “because it is a normal part of the process. They initially dig in the main sewer line west to east and then they go in and dig in the next sewer line. They go in about the same place, just moved over a bit. If they did that all at the same time they would have to dig a huge portion of the roadway and that isn’t possible in the space they have available. They have done this a few different times for this project thus far.”

Also, the temporary sewer and water lines needed to be removed once the permanent lines were in.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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