The Movement continues to be strong up at Deer River High School

You’ve probably noticed many of “The Movement” posters and banners messaging around the prevention of underage alcohol, marijuana and commercial tobacco use in the Deer River area. Here is a brief description on what that’s all about.

The Movement and S.T.E.P. Coalition is in its sixth year at Deer River High School (DRHS) with the goal of addressing substance use. They use the Positive Community Norms framework to focus on what’s great about our kids and our community instead of what’s wrong. They choose to empower students to continue to make good choices. That is why you see “86 percent of DRHS students choose not to drink alcohol in a typical month,” because scientific data collected yearly for the last six years proves most of our kids are making healthy choices!The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.

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