The Bible Says …

Choose wisely

By C. Marvine Scott

By Charlie Grier
Once I had a charming pig, I loved him dear as life.
I hustled from the neighbor’s to show him to my wife.
He wasn’t very husky – only seven hours old –
“Feed him with a bottle, he’ll do well.” I was told.

Well, Wifie fixed his dinner, like she did for John,
And fed them alternately from evening until dawn.
At last, my fair companion was sleeping like a log –
She didn’t hear the baby – she didn’t hear the hog!

In order not to wake her, I scrambled out of bed,
“This noise is too annoying! I’ll feed them both!” I said.
But wife awoke that instant and
then she caught her breath –
“Don’t give that to the baby – it’s what the piggy left!”

Many boys and girls, it seems, think they’re pretty big
When they get into something best fitted for the pig.
Careful boys and girls today how you feed your mind —
Never feast upon those things best fitted for the swine.

Careful of your company and entertainment too –
There’s a lot of pleasant things for boys and girls to do.
So, if there’s any question mark, it’s best to stay away –
The life of sinful pleasure was never known to pay!

I love this poem of dad’s and the very important message not only for young people but for all of us. Years ago Ken and I were shocked at some things presented at movies and television. Once Ken got up in the middle of a movie and we walked out. Years later we discovered we had become a bit calloused and would watch some things that was disgusting but didn’t turn it off unless those irritating things continued as a part of the show. It is easy to get distracted in life and embrace things that Jesus really doesn’t want us to do.

By Charlie Grier
‘Twas in the little schoolhouse
Where some had gathered to pray
And to praise God for His goodness
One bitter cold and winter day.
The meeting was dull and formal,
As they sometimes tend to be,
Till a youth arose with a mingled air
Of Sorrow and victory.
“You all know me,” he sadly said,
“I’ve walked the broad highway –
But I’ve something to be thankful for
On this New Year and Day!

“Last Saturday night I came in late –
I’d been out with the crowd again –
We had all been soused and I hated myself
And dared not think of the end.
I soon was wrapped in my blankets
Expecting a night of rest,
But instead I gazed in horror
On a scene of unending distress!
There were horrified faces before me
Too numerous for tongue to tell –
I shrank with fear at their shrieks and moans
As they lashed in the flames of Hell!

“Some pleaded for whisky, or morphine –
It had helped them forget while on earth –
But even a drop of cold water
Was not found to appease their thirst.
They cursed both man and their Maker –
In hatred they fought in the fire!
Blasphemy, prayers, and heart-rending moans
Like a smoke arose from the mire!
Some wept o’er the place they had chosen
In preference to Heaven so fair –
Some cursed their wretched companions
For helping to lead them there.

“Then my heart fairly sank within me,
As I saw in the agonized throng
Souls I had helped to drag downward –
Those I had led to go wrong!
Oh, the hate in their eyes as they saw me!
“The curses and horrible screams –
I cried to the Lord in His mercy
To deliver me from the scene!
This, my prayer, was immediately answered
And I saw a great City above
All shining and beaming in splendor
Which I knew was THE CITY OF LOVE.

“As I gazed on the streets of pure gold
I bade earth adieu, with a smile,
For I saw that the Builder had spared
Not a thing that could make it worthwhile!
I looked on the walls of the city
Built high with costly gems,
But the Savior whispered, ‘They’re nothing
Compared with the souls of men!
You’ve bought a home with the Devil’s hire
But you shrink from your home in shame –
Now I offer you free Salvation,
The only KEY to Heaven.

“’Go back to the world of sorrow and woe
And tell them I love them still –
That I’ve paid full price on Calvary
To ransom their souls from Hell!’
‘Oh, Lord, let me stay with You,’ I cried,
‘The world offers nothing but pain!’
Then the sorrowful eyes He cast on me
Made me bow my head in shame.
‘You have seen the souls in perdition
You helped lead the downward way –
What of those still lost and dying –
Care you not for their destiny?’

“The young man paused in his story —
‘That is why I am here,’ he said.
‘I praise my Savior, this evening
For this merciful vision I’ve had!
I’m glad He found and redeemed me
And I do want to witness for Him
And tell precious souls of the Savior –
Souls more priceless than costly gems!
I am glad we can all go to Heaven
If we ask the Lord for the KEY –
The only one that unlocks the gates –

Not all who attended that meeting
Are walking the ‘narrow way,’
But these warning words they will not forget –
No, not till their dying day!
What he said was not fake or pretense
But words of compassion and love
Born out of a new experience
Of Salvation from above.
Here’s a message for you my brother
E’er you’re called to eternity
To knock at the beautiful gates of pearl —
Ask Jesus to give you the KEY!

I choose Jesus! I choose Eternal Life with my blessed Lord and Savior! You?

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